Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Login VSI 4.0

If you're on the market for a proper VDI benchmarking tool, there's some really good news: Login VSI just got a major new release! Login VSI 4.0 brings improvement to the following areas: Installation – new test footprint is much smaller and smarter deployment makes it easier than ever to quickly deploy and run massive scale benchmarking Test creation – new interface and improvements... [Read more]

ThinPoint Desktop Virtualization Review

Desktop Virtualization has become an industry of its own in the past year, and as demand for desktop virtualization technologies grows, so does the flexibility of available solutions. ThinPoint by NetLeverage is one of the leading desktop virtualization solutions, actively gaining momentum in the past few years. I've spent a few days testing ThinPoint and truly believe it deserves your attention... [Read more]

tuCloud: Hosted Virtual Desktop Review

tuCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop is one of the latest directions in desktop virtualization. Instead of more traditional approaches when you create virtual environments on your physical desktop or within virtual infrastructure deployed in your datacentre, Hosted Virtual Desktop offers you a refreshing alternative: host your virtual desktops in a secure cloud of a trusted provider. Today I'm going to... [Read more]

VMware Solutions Drastically Lower Operational Costs

PALO ALTO, Calif., December 21, 2009 — VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud, today announced independent research convincingly proves that VMware customers are drastically lowering operational expenditures (OpEx) with VMware solutions. VMware vSphere™ and the VMware vCenter™ Product Family lower the day-to-day... [Read more]

VirtualBox 3.1

Just getting around to have a look at VirtualBox 3.1, which is yet another major update to the great free desktop virtualization from Sun Microsystems. Top 3 things to try in VirtualBox 3.1 Here are the top 3 things I personally think VirtualBox 3.1 will be popular for: Teleportation – a new term coined by VirtualBox team for live migration. This allows you to migrate a live VM environment from... [Read more]

VirtualBox 3.0 Released!

Sun xVM VirtualBox Right on time, the next major VirtualBox version is released – VirtualBox 3.0.0! Major changes in VirtualBox 3.0 The two major improvements in VirtualBox 3.0 can be summed up like this: multi-processor VMs - guest SMP with up to 32 virtual CPUs (VT-x and AMD-V only) graphics improvements: Direct3D 8/9 (Windows guests only) and OpenGL 2.0 (Windows, Linux and Solaris guests) ... [Read more]

VirtualBox 2.2: OpenGL for Linux and Solaris guests

Sun xVM VirtualBox Another update for VirtualBox was released yesterday: VirtualBox 2.2. OpenGL for Linux and Solaris guests If you remember, 3D acceleration was introduced for Windows XP guests in VirtualBox 2.1, and now similar functionality had been ported for Linux and Solaris VMs. A quick experiment shows almost 4x performance improvement for 3D between VirtualBox 2.1.2 and VirtualBox 2.2 –... [Read more]

Use Infrastructure Client to manage VMware Server

I'm not sure if it's part of the official documentation to VMware Server, but seeing as a few people failed to connect to their VMware Server 2.x using Infrastructure Client, I thought I'd explain how exactly this can be done. Why use Infrastructure Client to manage VMware Server There are three reasons I can think of: Web-based administration on VMware Server is awfully slow. I must admit it got... [Read more]

Annoying VM confirmations in VMware Infrastructure 2.5

I really like managing VMware ESX servers through VMware Infrastructure Client (using 2.5 version at the moment), but there's one little thing which really annoys me: most of VM-specific confirmations are asked with dialogue windows which don't mention the name of the VM they apply to. For example, if I right-click the VM and decide to reset it, instead of getting something like "You're about to reset... [Read more]

VirtualBox 2.1.2 adds support for Windows 7

Windows 7 in xVM VirtualBox January 21st saw the release of 2.1.2 update of a popular desktop virtualization solution – xVM VirtualBox. As usual, there had been numerous bugfixes and performance improvements, and among the new features came one of the most anticipated features – support for Windows 7 VMs. Frankly, I am surprised as how well Win7 performed in a VM with just 512Mb! See also: VirtualBox... [Read more]